Recommendations from Councils: 

To take our mandate forward, we request you to kindly send recommendations from your Councils to the related ministries and authorities. Details on how to go about it and recommendations submitted already are available here: 

What to include: It is suggested that you provide a brief context and highlight with clarity the concessions/incentives/policy interventions/measures sought to address the gaps and concerns. We welcome you to include as annexure your council document of members and profiles. 

How to go about it: 

Recommendations by National Councils: 

- National Councils can send their policy recommendations to the concerned ministries in Central Government. 

- National, State and City Councils may kindly coordinate for sharing of inputs and collective development of key recommendations. 

- National President will send the final recommendations letter by email and/or post to the contacts provided on official websites.

Recommendations by State Councils: 

For any State-specific recommendations, State Councils will send their recommendations via email/post via State President to the CM/FM/Ministry of their respective State, and any other authorities. 

Recommendations by any other councils: these can be sent by the council President to concerned departments as required. 

By when: Recommendations can be sent throughout the year. For Budget related recommendations, we request you to send your recommendations to the government/ Finance Ministry latest by September every year. 

Copy to the Secretariat: 

We request you to send us a cc/copy of all recommendations sent at We will upload the same on our website. 

Follow Up Actions: Post submission of recommendations, Councils can seek meetings l with respective ministries to elaborate on their recommendations, and council delegations can call upon relevant ministries and authorities as required.